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Adult & Family

Our Adult / Family program is aimed towards students ages 13 and up, but the classes also give parents the opportunity to train in the martial arts alongside their younger children.

Our program provides adult students with a variety of both physical and mental benefits. Not only is Taekwondo an excellent workout, it also teaches values such as goal setting, discipline, and self-esteem, which lead to a lifetime of constant self-development. Students will experience increased strength, flexibility, energy, and overall cardiovascular fitness. More importantly, they will gain confidence, better focus, and experience lower stress levels.

Families with children of all ages are welcome to attend the adult / family classes as well. Taekwondo provides families with an opportunity to train together in a fun and encouraging environment. Parents and children will motivate each other to succeed and celebrate each other’s accomplishments.

Adults and older children will learn advanced curriculum, such as Hapkido, a defensive martial art that focuses on using the opponent’s energy against himself. Adults attending the High Belt classes may also learn weapon training. Younger children attending these classes will learn more age-appropriate techniques.

Grand Master Yun believes that Taekwondo is the only place where a family can have great bonding time through kicking and sweating together.

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